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WIMI, which stands for Women in the Mortgage Industry was started as a simple community of women on Facebook who wanted to help each other with mortgage application related questions. WIMI is now proud to have over 2000 members, has been nominated for a Canadian Mortgage Award and is starting to branch out into new initiatives. WIMI Talks being one of them! Hi, I’m Catherine Halkyard and I’m the host of WIMI Talks, a podcast where I interview Women in the Mortgage Industry to learn a bit about them and their success. Have a listen to a couple interviews, if you have any questions, let me know… if you know of a woman in the mortgage industry who I should consider interviewing, please let me know. Contact me anytime!

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Where Women in the Canadian Mortgage Industry Come To Talk

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If you know a woman who has built a successful mortgage business and think we should interview her, please contact us anytime, we are always looking to share great success stories to inspire the women in our community!

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